Monster Home Amigo Toyz

Monster Home is the first line of Amigo Toyz.

Ribefex Studio Amigo toyz

Plasticine prototype of the head of Uncle Nosferatu! is completed in June 2014.

The torso plasticine prototype is completed in June 2014.

Head prototype Amigo toyz

Head plasticine protoype of Uncle Nosferatu! made by RIBEFEX.

Head mold Amigo toyz

Head mold. First test pieces in October 2014.

First Vinyl Sample Amigo toyz

First full figure test in November 2014.

Tower Amigo toyz

The final base form. November 2014.

Product Amigo toyz

First production run ready to be painted. December 2014.

Box wall Amigo toyz

First production run, boxed and prepared to be sold. May 2015.

Mr. Hyde prototype and first vinyl head.

Mr. HYDE prototype and first vinyl head. 2016

Second prototype of the hat, and head model for painting.

Finger Puppets Prototypes

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